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Most people understand the concept of preventative maintenance, but not all realize the importance of HVAC maintenance. The type of system and whether it’s a residential or commercial unit will dictate how often you should have maintenance performed. If you’ve not had system maintenance done in the past six months (or ever), call Texas Air Mechanical today to schedule a maintenance visit.


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Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Whether you are a homeowner with a standard electric HVAC system or a business with multiple ventilators, HVAC systems or even an electric boiler, regular maintenance will provide benefits. The primary benefits include:

  • Prevention of catastrophic failure by identifying weak, loose or worn parts.
  • Extension of a unit’s useful life. Keeping parts lubricated and in good condition will keep the unit running longer.
  • Top energy efficiency because when the unit is running as it should, it works at its peak efficiency, saving you money.
  • Money savings as investing in regular maintenance of things like new belts and tightening of electrical connections will save you on major repair bills.


Of course, even when the experts at Texas Air Mechanical perform regular maintenance, this doesn’t guarantee nothing will ever go wrong with your units. It simply reduces the likelihood of major incidents – just like changing the oil and rotating tires on your car.


Maintenance Varies Depending on Your Units & the Season

Residential and commercial systems differ and our services vary seasonally, however, there are certain things we do to all units each time we make an HVAC maintenance call.

  • Thorough cleaning and inspection of all units, both inside & outside
  • Inspection & tightening of electrical connections
  • Verification of proper function of all parts of the system
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Blown-air temperature check & thermostat calibration & setting

For a more detailed look at what we do each season, download our preventative maintenance plan.


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